Improve Concentration Through Trataka Meditation

Trataka meditation is one of the best techniques among the other meditation techniques. It is the third eye meditation that can be practiced by focusing on one particular object to improve concentration.

Concentration Meditation Technique- Trataka

The following are a few instructions for practicing the trataka meditation technique.

  • Sit down on the floor in a relaxed and comfortable position with a straight spine.If you are not comfortable sitting on the floor then you can sit on the chair.
  • Make sure that you sit straight (either on chair or on the floor) for your meditation exercise.
  • While meditating your hands should be placed in gyan mudra that is, your index finger and thumb tips meet at common point and leave the remaining three fingers extended.
  • Your hands should be placed in gyan mudra during your meditation. It is advisable to rest your wrists on your knees with your palms facing in the upward direction. Most people refer to gyan mudra when asked for techniques to improve concentration.
  • Make sure that you sit in a closed room to avoid all the distractions during meditation. Light a candle and place it 3 feet away at your eye level. It is advisable to use a long candle holder for trataka meditation. Start concentrating on the candle flame as long as you can. Do not concentrate on the flame for too longer if you are doing it for the first time. This might strain your eyes.
  • Close your eyes when you can concentrate no more and slowly start visualizing the same light at the third eye chakra. When you are able to visualize it to a greater extent then you can focus on this light and try to capture this light and place it in your third eye chakra. This helps in improving your concentration levels and helps in getting clarity among various things.

After completing this meditation you can start off again by concentrating on the candle flame. Continue this cycle for 10 minutes regularly. You can slowly increase your time when there is improvement in your concentration levels and growth of meditation.

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