Develop Your Creativity and Intuitive Power by Light Meditation

Develop your Creativity and Intuitive Power by Light Meditation
Each one of you might be interested in developing in your creative skills and the intuitive power. You can develop your creativity and intuition by meditating. One of the best ways to improve your skills is by practicing the light meditation.

How to Practice Light Meditation in our Day-to-Day Life?
  • Initially before you start off with the light meditation make sure that you are comfortable. Make yourself comfortable by sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. Make sure your hands are in gyan mudra posture. You can use a chair if you are not comfortable sitting on the floor.
  • After making yourself comfortable then you can proceed to the next step. Place your hands in the front so that your palms are facing you. Slowly slide your right hand six inches above the left hand. In this position make sure that your right hand wrist is touching the finger tips of your left hand. Hold on to this position for 1 or 2 minutes and concentrate on breathing.
  • It is recommended to perform this meditation before the sunrise. Visualize yourself walking in an open field. In the morning times, you find stars shining before sun rises. Visualize a star breaking in and immerse yourself completely into this for better meditation.
  • Now visualize the pure white light penetrating into your heart chakra from the crown chakra. Keep visualizing till you feel calmness in your mind. You can radiate spiritual energies as you ascend this light meditation.
  • It is recommended for you to repeat yourself silently” I am light” while visualizing the penetration of light into your heart chakra. You find better results by meditating continuously while you walk in the open field. If you seriously concentrate while meditating, then you can find yourself merging into the light completely from moment to moment. By practicing this light meditation regularly, you become more subtle, more aware of and more light(you experience tension free form of life).
  • You can end this light meditation by taking some deep breaths and concentrate during the inhalations and exhalations.
  • Light meditation can be practiced regularly as it takes only 10 to 15 minutes. You will find great changes in your life if you practice this regularly.

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  1. Another type of meditation that I have found works really well is anapana and / or vipassana meditation. Although visualisation meditations can be very useful, simple meditation based on awareness of breath or sensations is also very effective.

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