Chakras in the Human Body

Before we start off with the role of chakras, let us first know what chakras are all about?
Chakra is a sanskrit word which means wheel. It is believed by most people especially saints, that you can see the energy flow continuously in the form of a rotating wheel. This is nothing but our chakras. Each one of you can see these chakras by regular practice of meditation, yoga and reiki.

Yoga’s Role in the chakras in the human body
  • Each one of us can visualize or see the chakras and their energy flow by meditating and practicing yoga regularly. Yoga should be practiced at least for one hour if you really want to see the results in a short period of time. It is recommended to start off with the salutations to the sun and finish your yoga with salutations to the sun only.
  • There are seven chakras which are considered to be the most important in our human body. Each chakra has its own rotation speed. The chakras are fixed along the center of the spinal cord and are located on both backside of our body and front side too.

Rotation of Chakras in the Human Body

  • The chakras start at the top of our head that is the crown chakra and finish at the spine base that is the seventh chakra. Each chakra has its own vibrations that is, the rotation speed of each chakra differs from the other.
  • The first chakra or the root chakra rotates slowly when compared to the other chakras in our human body. The crown chakra rotates at the maximum speed. Remember that these chakras rotate at a different range of speed depending on the energy levels of a person, development and the physical conditions.

Vibrations of chakras in the Human Body
The major vibrant colors of the chakras are red, yellow, orange, green, indigo, blue and violet. There will be a constant flow of energy in our body when all these chakras are in a balanced state. It is so common that most people react to the unpleasant situations by blocking their energy centers without awareness.

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