Healing Effects of Color Therapy

Healing Effects of Color Therapy

Color therapy influences various aspects in our lives. It is believed that based on the color theory we can describe the state of mind and energy levels of a person. There are seven different colors that are present in the energy centers which are also known as “chakras”. If a person becomes out of control, then it is only the color that helps him/her to get back his strength and get balance of body, mind and spirit.

Red is the most powerful color of all the colors associated with our energy centers. Red is said to increase the physical strength, blood circulation, strengthen willpower and clear congestion. Excessive visualization of red might overstimulate and promote aggressiveness.

orange color is responsible for optimism, socializing and encouraging joy and happiness.This color plays a major role in helping depressed people. Orange color is associated with sacral chakra and it benefits the urinary tract, kidneys and reproductive system. Excessive visualization of orange color might lead you to pessimism, tiredness and confusion.

Yellow is associated with solar plexus. If you have fear, lack of determination and confusion then you can consider this to be an imbalance in solar plexus. Yellow is associated with the mental development process, intellect and is uplifting. Excessive yellow leads to hyperactivity and poor concentration.

Green color reflects emotional stability, calm mind and purity. Green color is associated with the heart chakra. If you want emotional stability, then you can visualize green color. You can deal with emotions like love, trust, forgiveness and compassion. When there is an imbalance in the heart chakra, then you might face the fear of relationships, isolation, insecurity and mistrust.

The color blue is associated with the throat chakra. This is connected to the lungs and throat. Blue color is said to enhance verbal communication and expression, willpower and artistic expression. This color is said to have a great impact on people experiencing insomnia, high blood pressure, migrane and throat problems.

The color indigo is associated with the third eye, which is located between both the eyes. This helps in increasing intuitive power, immune system and also helps in cleansing or healing all the chakras from the negative blocks.

Purple is associated with the crown chakra. This is one of the important colors which help you to improve intuitive power, wisdom, spirutuality and mental strength. When you visualize excess purple, then it can promote arrogance and pride.

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