Wheel Pose for Healthy Back

There are various asanas in Yoga for a healthy spine and back. One of them is the Wheel Pose which is very helpful in keeping the spine flexible and prevents back-related problems. This pose is done by stretching the front part of the body and by bending the back part of the body.

Steps Involved in Wheel Pose

Step 1 : Lie on your back on the yoga mat. Then bend the legs and pull them inside.

Step 2 : Move the hands towards the head and place your palms besides your head and the fingers should be pointing towards the shoulders.

Step 3 : Keep your head still on the yoga mat and lift your hips.

Step 4 : Keep the knees parallel to your feet and push yourself upwards by keeping the head on the ground.

Step 5 : Stretch out your arms and stand on your feet. Let the arms be slightly bend inwards and allow the head to fall backwards. The bending is due to the strength from the legs and the arms.

You should get back to the normal position and the exercise should be repeated several times. This pose should be practised more and more. The more you practice the wheel pose, the more flexible is your back. This will also reduce the strength needed to practice the pose. So, start practicing wheel pose for a healthy back.

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