Swara Yoga – A Powerful Yoga Technique

Swara is a Sanskrit word which means sound or musical note in English. Swara yoga is a type of yoga in which the yogi takes in steady breath through a single nostril. The practice of Swara yoga teaches a yogi to concentrate on the control of each and every breath which enters through the nostrils.

If you know yoga, then may be you are aware of the Pranayama techniques which are also a collection of breathing techniques. But Swara yoga differs from Pranayama in a way that it is directly correlated with nature. In Swara Yoga, the study of breathing is associated with different seasons, planet positions, position of moon and sun etc.

The Science behind Swara Yoga

When you inhale from the nostrils then you are aware which nostril has dominant flow at a particular time. At any given time, only one of the nostrils will have dominant flow. The left flow is called Chandra Nadi or Ida Nadi. It relates to the moon. The right flow is called Surya Nadi or Pingla Nadi and it relates to the sun.

The Ida breath flow terminates in the left nostril. Ida is known as Chandra Nadi as it is affected by lunar cycles. The Pingla breath flow terminates in the right nostril and it is affected by solar cycles.

The science of Swar yoga emphasizes on a third variety of flow called Sushumna Nadi. It is activated when there is a simultaneous flow in both the nostrils. It happens for a fraction of second when the flows change the sides at dusk and dawn. Swara Yoga co-ordinates the physical movements of the body and the periodic change in the breathing pattern balances the human body.

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