Meditation for Calmness – Meditation Techniques for Calmness

Meditation is a better way for finding calmness. As we get caught up in the ‘external world’ then meditation improves our actions, interactions, thoughts and attitudes. So, some of the techniques of Meditation for Calmness are presented here. Practice them and find the inner light inside the soul glowing.

Meditation for Calmness – Meditation Techniques

1) Osho’s Gibberish
2)Dynamic Meditation
3)Rajayoga Meditation

Osho’s Gibberish – This technique makes one feel light, young and free of burden. You feel like a child.

How it’s done

Stage one – This has to be done for 15 minutes. Close your eyes and start saying sounds with no sense. Throw everything out of your mind without the suppression of the thoughts. Make your body expressive.

Stage two – This also takes 15 minutes. Lie on your stomach and and with each exhalation have a feeling of union with the Earth.

Dynamic Meditation –
There are five rhythms of the body – flow, stillness, chaos, staccato and celebration. In this technique, through dynamic movement these rhythms are being studied.

How it’s done

You should begin with flow. Move and visualize water and love. After flow comes staccato. It uses martial movements. Then in chaos we visualize that backbone is broken. Stillness is about remaining still and gaining strength. Celebration involves thoughts of freedom.

Rajayoga Meditation – It is the spiritual yoga for our mind. The self is empowered and the best time to do it is the morning time. You can also practice it before going to bed.

How it’s done

Focus your whole attention on the center of your forehead. Think it as a radiant star which will transmit positive energy and it will make you feel good about yourself.

Hence if you practice these techniques of Meditation for Calmness then you can gain energy and many other spiritual benefits.

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