Helpful Yoga Asanas for Back Pain

Yoga Asanas for Back PainBack pain is a common physical problem troubling many people. Many people nowadays suffer from back pain which is mainly an outcome of unhealthy lifestyle. There are some helpful yoga asanas for back pain which are very good for back and also help to get rid of back pain.

Back pain can also occur because of excessive weight in the tummy that can put strains on the lower spinal (lumbar) region. Yoga can help in treating backache by maintaining and improving the natural posture of the spine and strengthening the muscles of our back. Given below are the helpful yoga asanas for back pain.

Common Yoga Asanas for Back Pain

Some common poses can be tried in order to get rid of backache. One of the most common and easiest yoga pose for backache is the Corpse pose ( Shavasana). When you lie flat on your back then all the tension and stress is released from the body. You can also try the Spinal twist which helps in easing the tension in the upper portion of the back and the shoulders. Cobra pose and Cat stretch pose make the spine more flexible.

Some other beneficial yoga asanas for back pain relief are the Cow pose, Camel pose, lotus pose, locust pose, forward bend, fish pose and palm tree pose. If backache is caused by weak muscles, displaced organs, menstruation etc then the beneficial yoga asanas are plough pose, headstand, inverted poses etc.

Yoga Asanas for Back Pain in Detail

  • Trikonasana: It is also known as the triangle pose. It is suggested that the sideways bending of the spine can help in relaxing and stretching the ligaments and muscles of our back and that of the sides. This can further help in improving the lateral flexibility of the spine, thereby curing backache.
  • Padmasana: Experts believe that sitting on a lotus position can help in maintaing and improving the natural posture of the spine that can help in treating backache. A straight spinal posture can ensure free flow of energy throughout all parts of the body.
  • Tarhasana: Experts suggest that this asana known as star pose is ideal for beginners as it is one of the simplest form of asanas. Tarhasana can help in stretching and relaxing all the ligaments and muscles of our body, thereby maintaining the normal curvature of the spine and curing backache.
  • Ustrasana: It is known as camel pose. It is recommended that this asana can help in maintaining and enhancing flexibility of the spine and the muscles, thereby controlling backache.

One thing you should remember that before practicing any yoga pose take the doctor’s advice regarding the poses which you can practice depending upon your back condition. You should learn the yoga poses from a trained yoga practitioner.

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