Yoga Mats – Buying Guide

Yoga Mats are an essential equipments of Yoga. They are a must use while performing Yoga. Over a period of time they become symbolic of the meditation procedure. They are widely used by many yoga practitioners. A good yoga mat is very essential for practicing yoga, whether you do yoga at home or at any yoga class. The yoga mats are also known as sticky mats as they have non-slippery surface for performing the yoga poses easily. They also cushion our knees and elbows while doing yoga.

The following article on yoga mats gives you a complete information on basic things to consider while buying yoga mats, benefits and different forms of yoga mats.

Things to Consider while Buying Yoga Mats

You should look for some qualities when you are going to buy a yoga mat. We are going to discuss here the basic things which you should consider when going to buy a yoga mat. Three things have to be considered primarily.

  • Comfort
  • Material
  • Ease of Cleaning

Comfort – For getting comfort you should see the thickness of the mat. You can also consider the length of the mat. For some hard yoga poses, a cushioned mat will be a good choice. For beginners, a mat with thickness 3.2 mm is considered good. The premium mats are about 6.2 mm thick. The standard length of a yoga mat is 68 inches.

Material – You should not buy any type of mat which can cause you allergy. If you are allergic to latex then don’t buy a latex mat. Yoga mats are made from different types of materials such as rubber, latex, cotton and microfiber.

Ease of Cleaning – While doing yoga the mat can become dirty. You also sweat sometimes while doing yoga. So your mat must be cleaned with ease. If you buy a cotton mat then make it sure that it can be washed in a machine.

When you have a comfortable yoga mat then you can enjoy yoga. So go and bring a yoga mat today.

Benefits of Yoga Mats

  • Yoga mats are very useful when one is practicing in a team. This is because it gives ample space for an individual, allowing him/ her area to do complete justice to the postures.
  • One tends to perspire a lot while practicing yoga. This may cause you to slip on the ground. This possibility is decreased with a yoga mat.
  • The yoga mats cushions your back, allowing you to sit for long hours. It reduces health conditions like back pain.
  • By sitting on a yoga mat you can be ensured of the fact that your clothes will not get soiled
  • The yoga mats give you a strong grip while practicing different postures.
  • The cost of yoga mats are very less and are easily available in the market. They are portable and are very easy to manage. You can use them anywhere and everywhere.

Different Forms of Yoga Mats

There are different types of Yoga mats available in the market. You can choose amongst the many in accordance to your needs and preferences.

Sticky Mats

  • Sticky Mats provide constancy while performing different forms of yoga. These mats are available in different colors and they are lightweight and thin.
  • The best part about these mats is that they have guide marks for helping an individual with accurate foot and hand placements.
  • Although, before using it one needs to sprinkle water on these mats and let it dry for sometime. This will prevent the sticky mats from sliding and slipping on the ground.

Travel Mats

  • These mats are specifically designed to be used while traveling. They do not add on to the luggage as they are light weight and are very thin.
  • However, make sure you sit on a carpeted ground while practicing Yoga. If the ground is not carpeted, spread a blanket or towel on it .

Ultra Double Thickness Mats

  • Ultra Double Thickness Mats are mats that are ultra thick. These mats offer great stability and cushioning.
  • They are very beneficial for specific poses of yoga. Ultra thickness mats are beneficial for trainers who are required to shift from one pose to another quickly.

Cotton Mats

  • Cotton Mats are the best for types of yoga, which develop excess heat in the body causing the body to sweat. These mats can easily absorb sweat and keep an individual from sliding and slipping.
  • These can be more effective if sprinkled with a little quantity of water. There are many types of cotton mats available in different patterns.

So, now that you know the different types of mats. Choose the type that suits you best and go ahead and buy it soon.

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