Fundamentals Things to Exercise Pranayama: The Qualified Person (Adhikari)

As a part of fundamental things to exercise pranayama series, we will continue now to another factor, the qualified person (adhikari).

We wish you a happy learning about pranayama!

Points of focus about the qualified person (adhikari) as fundamental things to exercise pranayama:

The Qualified Person (Adhikari)

What are the signs of a qualified person for the practice of yoga? You may see the following criteria:

  • One who believes in God (Astika)
  • One who has confidence in hs/her Guru’s words and Sastras
  • One who subdued his/her Indriyas
  • One who always calm his/her mind
  • One who perform moderate eating, drinking and sleeping as a main habit
  • One who always go for uniting his/her body and mind thoroughly

If you are willing to learn about yoga and pranayama, you will achieve success in your practice easily once you able to cover these requirements. Moreover, pranayama must be exercised with care, faith and perseverance.

How about the signs of a person who will never achieve success in yoga practice and pranayama?

The signs are as follows:

  • One who is cruel, greedy and harsh
  • One who speak useless words frequently
  • One who involves himself/herself with material-minded people frequently
  • One who is disbeliever
  • One who has no respect with his/her Guru or spiritual preceptors
  • One who takes desire in vain controversies
  • One who disrespects Sadhus and Sannyasins
  • One who is arrogant, diplomatic, dishonest, untruthful and treacherous
  • One who is habituated to sensual pleasures

About the adhikaris, there are three types of them:

  • First type: Uttama (good)
  • Second type: Madhyama (middle)
  • Third type: Adhama (inferior)

This type will be measured from these points:

  • Intelligence,
  • Degree of Vairagya, Viveka and Mumukshutva
  • Samskaras
  • The capacity for Sadhana

Kindly bear in mind, a pranayama practitioner should concern about the following things to exercise pranayama:

  • He/she should concern about his/her words at all time (he/she should speak good and useful words).
  • He/she should be honest
  • He/she should be moderate in sexual matters
  • He/she should develop patience, devotion (bhakti), mercy (karuna), faith (sraddha) and vairagya
  • He/she should speak the truth
  • He/she should be kind to everyone

In the next article, we will write about other fundamental things to exercise pranayama, dietetic discipline.

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