Fundamentals Things for Doing Pranayama: Dietetic Discipline

Do you have eagerness for doing pranayama? If you are our regular reader, you should know about fundamental things to learn pranayama. Dietetic discipline would be one of the factors. This article is written to explain further about the importance of dietetic discipline for doing pranayama.

We hope that you will derive valuable information by reading this article.

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Points of focus about dietetic discipline as a fundamental thing for doing pranayama:

Dietetic Discipline
What yogis and yoginis should do if they want to attain success in pranayama? Here are the factors that describe a proficient practitioner in yoga:

  • One should fast regularly as a way of purifying the body
  • One should wake up before sunrise and meditate
  • One should avoid useless physical activity
  • One should avoid excessive sexual fulfillment
  • One should avoid worship of fire
  • One should give up excessive food fulfillment
  • One should give up salt, sour, hot, bitter things, pungent and mustards

If you are in the beginning of pranayama exercise, you should know the food that is ordained:

  • Milk
  • Ghee
  • Red rice
  • Green pulse
  • Wheat

These foods would favor your progress in doing pranayama. A yogi has to be careful regarding his/her intake in order to preserve the body.

Yogic Diet
Once you get used to dietetic discipline of yoga, you will have a voice from within which tells you which food is appropriate for you and which one is not. This ability will help you in selection of articles of diet.

Fill your stomach to half of its full capacity with Sattvic food. Take pure water as well.

Purity in Food
Once you choose your food carefully, the purity of your food will help the purification of your inner nature.

With a pure inner nature, your memory becomes firm and then helps you to lose the ties that hold you from liberation.

You should not practice pranayama when you are very hungry or when your stomach is full. Therefore, you should be concerned about the amount of your daily intake.

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