Fundamentals Things to Exercise Pranayama: The Place

Do you know why the place which you choose to exercise pranayama is very fundamental? There are some factors you should know about this matter, especially if you want to get the benefit of pranayama. Inside this article, we provide you with information about the reasons why place is one of the essential things to exercise pranayama.

Optimistically, you will derive so many benefits which might be useful for you.

Happy learning about pranayama!

Points of Focus about Place as a Fundamental Things to Exercise Pranayama:
  • It would be better for you to select a place without disturbance. For this reason, select a beautiful, solitary and pleasant spot for you.
  • To make you feel more comfortable, select a place where you can provide yourself with basic needs. The examples of these places are the bank of a river, lake, or sea. You may also choose a place like the top of a hill.
  • In your chosen place, build yourself a shelter.
  • If it is possible, select a place where you can find other pranayama practitioners. Therefore, you can discuss and consult with them in case you have difficulties.
  • Try to avoid crowded place, otherwise there is a possibility of many people will molest you. Moreover, you will have no spiritual vibration.
  • Try to avoid thick forest as well since you have no protection from wild animals or thieves in such places.
  • If you want to exercise pranayama in your house, you may convert one of your house rooms into a mediation spot (read our article titled Tips for Your Yoga Meditation Room).

As you can read from the explanation above, your chosen room of meditation, yoga and pranayama exercise has a significant contribution to the success of your efforts.

In the upcoming article, we will write about other fundamental things to exercise pranayama, the time.

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