Pranayama – Yoga Breathing Exercises (II)

Pranayama (well known as yoga breathing technique) is a part of yoga. Every yogi and yogini will practice pranayama along with asanas, meditation and yogic diet.

As a continuation of our previous article, now we write about pranayama definition according to the Gita.

Pranayama Definition

Pranayama according to the Gita
Apane juhvati pranam pranepanam tathapare; Pranapanagatee ruddhva pranayamaparayanah (Gita, Ch. IV-29).

  • Others offer outgoing breath (prana) in incoming breath (apana) and incoming breath in outgoing breath, limiting the passageway of outgoing breath and incoming breath, captivated in Pranayama.
  • Some other people practice the style of Pranayama named Rechaka (emptying).
  • Pranayama is a precious sacrifice (yajna). Some people practice the style of Pranayama named Puraka (filling in).
  • Some are bonded in the practice of Pranayama named Kumbhaka, through obstructing the outer passageway of the air, through both nostril and mouth, and through obstructing the inner passageway of the air, in the different direction.

There are still many descriptions and definitions about pranayama, but they have the same essence. The point is, we cannot leave pranayama whenever we want to practice yoga. Pranayama is the main and compulsory part of yoga. Without yoga, it is almost impossible for a yogi and yoginis to achieve the benefit of yoga.

It is going to be harder and tougher if they have intention to reach the purpose of yoga practice, purity of oneself both in body and mind.

Therefore, if you really want to learn about yoga poses (asanas), you should learn about pranayama (yoga breathing technique) too. Make it as your daily habit and hopefully, you will derive faster all the positive things you have expected by practicing yoga.

In the upcoming article, we will write about the control of breath as the main way of advancing pranayama.

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