Kinds of Hatha Yoga: Kripalu Yoga and Kundalini Yoga

How much do you know about kripalu yoga and kundalini yoga? Do you know who initiated these yoga types? Through this article, we will give information about kripalu yoga and kundalini as kinds of hatha yoga.

Around the 15th century, Yogi Swatmarama started the teaching of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is mentioned inside Hatha Yoga Pradipika in a detailed way. If we analyze hatha yoga from the names, it combines two different things. Ha (means the sun and illustrates the positive current) and Tha (means the moon and illustrates the negative current).

Through hatha yoga, we will learn about the following things:

  • Yoga postures (asanas)
  • Breathing exercises (pranayama)
  • Meditation
  • Mudras and purification techniques (Shatkriyas)

Hatha yoga will purify the practitioner’s body and prepare one for meditation in order to achieve salvation.
Hatha yoga has many branches and two of them are kripalu yoga and kundalini yoga. The aim of this article is to give you general info about these types.

Happy learning about kripalu yoga and kundalini yoga!

Kripalu Hatha Yoga
  • It is described as meditation in motion.
  • Kripalu yoga encourages the followers to observe themselves and release both emotional and spiritual obstacles through asanas.
  • Kripalu yoga has less focus on the detail of the poses.
  • Kripalu yoga consists of three stages; they are willful practice, willful surrender and surrendering to the body’s wisdom.
  • Willfull practice emphases on coordination of pranayama, postural alignment and movement.
  • Willfull surrender held poses for lengthy periods. At the same time, the practitioner should release his/her emotion and surrender oneself into the asana.
  • Surrendering to the body’s wisdom mentions about trust in body’s wisdom, complete freedom of internal tensions and deep meditation through movement.
  • When kripalu yoga students are able to reach the third stage, they are encouraged to discover spontaneous poses guided by their body’s internal awareness.
Kundalini Hatha Yoga
  • Kundalini yoga exercises are pranayama, asanas, meditation and chanting to stimulate kundalini” energy.
  • The origin of kundalini energy is believed to be located at the base of the spine.
  • Kundalini yoga is made to stimulate the human nervous system.
  • Kundalini yoga is also meant to make the practitioner’s mind stay sharp and alive.
  • Through the exercises, kundalini energy is directed upward to all seven chakras which are located along the spine.
  • The purpose of kundalini exercise is to allow the practitioner’s body feel energized and rejuvenated.
  • Kundalini yoga has a distinctive breathing technique named breath of fire.

In the next article, we will write about sivananda yoga and viniyoga.

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