The Health Benefits of Yoga Relaxation

Do you know the benefits of yoga relaxation? Relaxation is a very essential part of yoga, especially when you perform asanas. Therefore, you should choose the most suitable and comfortable pose. You should feel relaxed in that specific yoga pose, otherwise you will not acquire the benefits.

Relaxation, as an essential part of yoga, helps to eradicate stress out of the body. As you have known, stress is closely related to fight-flight and danger at a biological level. Stress also increases heart rate and raises blood pressure. Furthermore, stress makes your muscles contract and tighten.

During this condition, relaxation helps you to feel free of danger. Relaxation as a state of enjoyment, rest and physical renewal makes your muscles relax and improves your digestion. Moreover, your heartbeat will slow and your blood circulation will flow freely to your body’s tissues.

When a yoga practitioner is in a restful state, he/she will be better in fertility. This happens since the body can conserve the resources to generate new a new life.

Hence, when you are in a state of relaxation where your tension is released out from your body on a physical level along with completely switched off mind, you will have the optimum benefits of yoga relaxation.

Here are the main benefits of yoga relaxation

Boosts Immunity
Yoga relaxation which is practiced daily and routinely reduces the risk of breast cancer incidence (Ohio State University’s research). Progressive muscular relaxation also boosts immunity and activates disease-fighting genes.

Boosts Fertility
According to several studies, women tend to consider in their periods when they relaxed rather than upset or stressed. Relaxation also boosts men’s fertility.

Lowers Blood Pressure
Yoga relaxation can make the blood pressure lower by making the yoga practitioner’s body less responsive toward stress hormones.

Reduces Possibility of Inflammation
Inflammation happens due to stress. Inflammation is also closely related to arthritis, asthma and heart disease. Persons who suffer from inflammation have greater possibility of having skin diseases, such as psoriasis.

Yoga relaxation helps to prevent and treat inflammation symptoms by lowering the stress response.

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