The Health Benefits of Yoga: Physiological Benefits

What are the health benefits of yoga? Probably you have that question inside your mind when someone offers you to exercise yoga together. You have heard so many things about yoga, but you still have this curiosity toward yoga. You have the eagerness to do simple analysis yoga, especially the health benefits.

Through this article, we would like to help you overcome your curiosity about health benefits of yoga.

About the health benefits of practicing yoga, we would divide the information into three categories:

  • Physiological benefits
  • Psychological benefits
  • Biochemical effects

As an initiation, we will focus our information on physiological benefits. Then, we will continue to provide information about psychological benefits and biochemical effects in the next articles.

You will derive these health benefits of yoga through regular practice of the following points:
  • Asana (yoga posture)
  • Pranayama (yoga breathing technique)
  • Meditation

About the asana, there are so many forms of asana and each one of them has their own purpose and uniqueness.

Hopefully, the information given would be useful for you and your loved ones.

Happy yoga learning!

Physiological Benefits of Yoga

  • Makes your nervous system stable and in equilibrium
  • Decreases your pulse rate
  • Decreases you respiratory rate
  • Decreases your blood pressure
  • Decreases your pain
  • Decreases your EMG (Electromyography) activity
  • Increases your GSR (Galvanic Skin Response)
  • Increases your cardiovascular efficiency
  • Increases your EEG (Electroencephalogram) – alpha waves (beta, delta and theta)
  • Increases your respiratory efficiency (this would include smoothness, respiratory amplitude, tidal volume, breath-holding time and vital capacity)
  • Increases your body immunity
  • Increases your energy level
  • Increases your endurance
  • Increases your strength
  • Increases your resiliency
  • Increases your musculoskeletal flexibility
  • Increases your joint range of motion
  • Normalizes your weight
  • Normalizes your endocrine function
  • Normalizes your gastro intestinal function
  • Normalizes your endocrine function
  • Improves your excretory function
  • Improves your body posture
  • Improves your sleep quality

In the next article, we will give you information about psychological health benefits of yoga and biochemical effects of practicing yoga.

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