Yoga Asana and its purpose

Do you know what the purpose of yoga asana is? Do you know the benefit of yoga asana to you? If you have a deep interest with yoga, especially the poses, you better continue to read this article.

Yoga asana is an essential part of Hatha Yoga. In our previous article titled Hatha Yoga and Asana, you may find the general information about the relation between them, definition and the results of asana to human’s body.

Asana involves controlled breath and muscular effort. In between the process, sometimes movement is also part of the exercises.

The Purpose of Yoga Asana

When a yoga practitioner perform an asana, he/she should feel comfortable with the pose. Therefore, you better choose a posture that is suitable for you.

Then, how do you know which one is suitable and which one is not? Your first step knows your limitation. Probably at this moment, lotus pose is the easiest pose for you rather than scorpion pose.

Yoga asana has differences with athletic training. Athletic training focuses on the outer muscles of human’s body, builds the exterior frame instead of the inner body.

On the other hand, hatha yoga encourages focus to human’s inner body. This would be proper alignment of human’s inner organs as well as inner structure of human’s bones. In the same time, hatha yoga also exercises the outer sheath of human’s body.

Hatha yoga put more focus on the idea of health over fitness. Hatha yoga teaches a broader understanding that strength and healthiness is more than just physical power.

Yoga develops and put awareness to human’s inner body since it is the core of human being. When we can develop our core, we will acquire better and more abiding health. Certainly this would include your emotion and spiritual health.

Integration of Human’s Body, Heart and Mind
Asana lies on believe of health as wholeness. Integrity of human being lies on the integration of human’s body, heart and mind.

Through regular practices, the asanas of hatha yoga maintain your flexibility, relaxation and balance of strength.

Yoga Develops Your Attitude
Finally, the art and philosophy of yoga comes down to your attitude. When you perform a specific yoga pose, you describe the outer perform of your inner attitude. As a matter of fact, your posture is the second one to consider after your attitude.

This happens because no matter how many times you correct your posture, your body will always return to the shape which is suggested by your mental focus.

Practicing consistently and regularly can be a chance to transform your attitude, change your inner feeling toward yourself and your perspective about the world.

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  1. Aim of yoga is to bind our consciousness with higher consciousness. for this control over mind is necessary. Asana in hatha yoga is so derived that we could control our body first. and after that we could control our mind by fixing it on various body postures.Yoga asana helps us to keep our body healthy and balance our mmind and emotions.

    Raina, DivineWellness

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