Hatha Yoga and Asana

Do you know the relation between hatha yoga and asana? If you have willingness to be a hatha yoga practitioner (hatha yogi), you better know exactly about what you are practicing. Inside this article, we would like to give you general information about hatha yoga and asana, especially the relation between them. Optimistically, the information given would give a benefit result to your life knowledge.

Happy hatha yoga and asana learning!

Definition of Hatha Yoga

What is hatha yoga? Hatha yoga is a distinctive exercise that combines both physical practice and controlled breathing in a time.

Definition of Asana
Then, what is asana? First of all, we always practice asana in hatha yoga. Asana is taken from Sanskrit words and the literal meaning is to seat. In general understanding, asana is a specific pose of the body with an essential purpose.

In asana, the practitioner performs a firm position of body posture. Probably you are familiar with yoga through photos and other picture documentations in the internet and other sources.

In the photos, yoga practitioners perform extremely poses with their body. They twist their and extend their body in many ways.

Nevertheless, like what we have written before, asana has a specific purpose by performing a particular pose.

Asana comprises both positioning and working of a practitioner’s body in methods that make the following results:

  • Stretches and strengthens major muscle groups
  • Stretches and strengthens deeper postural muscle
  • Maintains and enhances the shape of the joints and spine
  • Stimulates and improves the functioning of the internal organs entirely

Therefore, a yoga practitioner would govern his/her essential life functions by acquiring these results. What kind of poses that a yoga practitioner should perform in order to acquire the results?

Here are the examples of poses in asanas:

  • Sitting
  • Standing
  • Bending over backward
  • Folding over forward
  • Standing on the head (Yes, what you have seen in yoga photos is true)

However, you have to remember a very important fact here. A true yoga practitioner practice asanas orderly and sequentially. They put their attention about the correctness of the poses seriously and have a comprehensive understanding about what they do and the benefit from practicing the poses.

Now you know that yoga is more than just a pose. When a yoga practitioner performs a specific yoga pose, he/she does it to acquire beneficial result for his/her body and mind rather than just a showcase.
Hope your interest about hatha yoga and asanas getting deeper?

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