Important Instructions of Spiritual Yoga (II)

Do you still remember the first ten important instructions of spiritual yoga in our previous article? You should remember them if you really want to gain a comprehensive understanding and knowledge about yoga, especially spiritual yoga. Through this article, we will continue the next ten important instructions of spiritual yoga. This article gives the last ten of twenty important spiritual instructions of yoga (by H.H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj):

Instructions of Spiritual Yoga
  • You should live on fruits and milk only (fast on the festival Ekadasi) as one of the ways to develop your spiritual yoga faster.
  • Wear rosary (japa maala) around your neck or put japa maala inside your pocket. You may put it underneath your pillow while you sleep at night.
  • You should observe vow of silence (mouna) for several hours routinely every day.
  • You should use your ears more than your mouth. Choose listening rather than talking. Always speak the truth no matter what the circumstances are. Speak good words at all times.
  • Reduce your wants. Wants are different from your needs. If you have five pairs of shoes, reduce the number of your shoes to two or three pairs. Exhibit a content and happy life. You should avoid needless worries.
  • Always perform high thinking and have a plain living.
  • Avoid hurting anyone and/or everyone around you (Ahimsa Paramo Dharmah). Control and manage your anger through love, compassion (Daya) and forgiveness (Kshama).
  • Serve yourself and avoid dependance upon servants. Self-dependence is the uppermost of all virtues.
  • Self-evaluate yourself regularly. Think about your mistakes and faults that you have done, consciously or unconsciously, before you sleep at night. If you record them in a note or diary, it would be better to think about how to avoid these mistakes in the future. You should remember not to repeat your past mistakes.
  • Remember the promises that you have made and your duties too. Never abandon them. Fulfill your duties and keep your promises since death is waiting for you at all times. Practice Sadachara (pure conduct).
  • Always think about God as soon as possible after you wake up and before you go to bed. You should surrender your body and soul completely to the Divine One (Saranagati).

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