Radical Expansion Yoga Poses Names – Backbends Poses

If you want to teach yoga poses and yoga poses names, you prefer to use the names in Sanskrit, English, or both? About the answer, everything would be back to personal’s opinion. Different person means different point of view. Nevertheless, since yoga originated from India and the original yoga lesson were taught in Sanskrit, it would be better for you to know the Sanskrit name of each yoga pose.

About body-culture in Yoga, the first distinctiveness of it was linked to the word Asana┬Ł and Pranayama┬Ł. Pranayama here means the control of bio-energy, regulation and conservation.

Yoga poses (asanas) are more than just a physical requisite to learn about yoga, but also a comprehensive development of the following factors:

  • Hygieology
  • Therapeutics
  • Social medicine
  • Hygiene
  • Physical training

As added information, yoga poses has been known as a compulsory requisite for the development of the practitioner’s personality in the following aspects:

  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Moral
  • Physical

Therefore, yoga practitioner should perform correct posture to derive the complete benefits of yoga in the physical and mental well-being.

Ask for guidance from yoga experts to develop your yoga skills in a better way.

However, knowing about yoga poses names that you will perform is also important. Inside this article, we give you information about yoga poses names, especially backbend poses in radical expansion yoga poses.

Happy learning about yoga poses names!

Radical Expansion Yoga Poses Names – Backbends
  • Cakra Bandhasana – Wheel-lock pose
  • Kapinjalasana in Urdhva-Dhanurasana – Heathcock bird pose in upward bow pose
  • Dvyanga Urdhva-Dhanurasana – Two-limbed upward bow pose
  • Simhasana Dvi – Lion II pose
  • Bhujangasana Dvi – Cobra II pose
  • Laghuvajrasana – Graceful thunderbolt pose
  • Supta Bhekasana – Supine frog pose
  • Setubandhasana – Bridge-building pose
  • Eka-Pada Kapotasana – One-footed pigeon pose
  • Mandalasana – Circle pose
  • Eka-Pada Rajakapotasana Tri – One-footed royal pigeon pose III
  • Eka-Pada Rajakapotasana Catur – One-footed royal pigeon pose IV
  • Vrscikasana Dvi – Scorpion II
  • Valakhilyasana – The Valakhilyas’ pose
  • Eka-pada Vrscikasana Dvi
  • Viparita Cakrasana from Urdhva Dhanurasana
  • Ganda-Bherundasana – Formidable face pose (also a kind of bird)
  • Kapinjalasana – Heathcock bird pose / Raindrop-drinking bird pose
  • Gherandasana Eka – Gheranda’s pose I
  • Gherandasana Dvi – Gheranda’s pose II
  • Eka-pada Ganda-Bherundasana
  • Viparita Salabhasana – Inverted locust pose
  • Tryanga-Mukhottanasana – Three-limbed head extension pose (backbend)
  • Sirsa-Padasana – Feet to head pose

In the next article, we will write about hand balancing yoga poses names in radical expansion yoga poses.

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