Radical Expansion Yoga Poses Names – Standing, Sitting Forward Bends, Hip Openers

After you have read most of sources about yoga poses names, how good is your knowledge now? If someone asks you about a position, such as lotus pose, do you know the Sanskrit name? If you do and you can perform the pose correctly, surely you have made a significant progress with your yoga lesson.

Yoga poses (asanas) have so many wide range of postures which have been presented by yoga teachers for decades, especially in India. Most of the yoga postures are described in the classic lessons of Hatha Yoga. In Hatha Yoga, each yoga pose is characterized by specific purpose of healing.

However, yoga asanas have a deeper meaning than bodily postures or expression for healing purpose. Yoga asanas evolved as an essential part of comprehensive spiritual exercise with the following purposes:

  • Purification
  • Accomplishment
  • Realization

Apart from these yoga purposes, there are people who focus on the health benefits. Therefore, as an initiation to yoga poses, we provide you with information about yoga poses names.

This article would be the third part of yoga poses names after basic and expanding yoga poses. You can find yoga poses names of radical expansion, especially in standing, sitting forward bends and hip openers poses.

Happy learning about yoga poses names!

Radical Expansion Yoga Poses Names

Standing poses

  • Uttanasana
  • Hasta-Padangusthasana – Hand to big toe pose
  • Gorakhasana – Gorakh’s pose
  • Vatayanasana – Airhole pose / Window pose
  • Baddha Ardha-padmottanasana – Bound half-lotus forward fold pose
  • Svarga-dvijasana – Bird of paradise pose
  • Parivrtta Svarga-dvijasana – Rotated bird of paradise pose
  • Parivrtta Ardha Candrasana – Rotated half-moon pose
  • Parivrtta Trikonasana – Rotated triangle pose
  • Parivrtta Parsvakonasana – Rotated side-angle pose
  • Surya-Yantrasana – Sundial pose
  • Utthita Trivikramasana – Standing wide-striding Visnu’s pose / Standing split pose
  • Vrksasana

Sitting Forward Bends and Hip Openers pose

  • Eka-Pada-Sirsasana – One leg to head pose
  • Yoga-dandasana – Yoga staff pose
  • Yoga-mudrasana – Seal of yoga pose
  • Garbh-Pindasana – Embryo in the womb pose
  • Gomukhasana – Cowface pose
  • Kapilasana – Kapila’s pose
  • Buddhasana – The Buddha’s pose
  • Bhairavasana – Bhairava pose
  • Supta Trivikramasana – Supine wide-striding Vishnu pose
  • Skandasana – Skanda pose
  • Kurmasana – Tortoise pose
  • Dvi-Pada Sirsasana – Two feet to head pose
  • Virancyasana Eka – Viranchi’s pose I
  • Virancyasana Dvi – Viranchi’s pose II
  • Rcikasana – Ruchika’s pose
  • Durvasasasana – Durvasas’ pose
  • Vamadevasana Eka – Vamadeva’s pose I
  • Vamadevasana Dvi – Vamadeva’s pose II
  • Mulabandhasana – Root-lock pose
  • Ardha-Mulabandhasana – Half root-lock pose
  • Yoganidrasana – Yogic sleep pose
  • Supta Kurmasana – Supine tortoise
  • Samakonasana – Straight angle pose (side splits pose)
  • Kandasana – Bulb pose / Root pose

In the upcoming article, we will write about sitting twists and inversions poses names in radical expansion yoga asanas.

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