Expanding Yoga Poses Names – Standing Poses

Do you know all yoga poses names both in Sanskrit and English? If you do not remember, that’s fine as long as you are not a yoga expertise. Nevertheless, if you are a yoga expertise, you better remember all these names. After all, you want to have a good impression due to your yoga knowledge, right?

When we discuss about yoga, it means we discuss about postures and poses. The poses of yoga (asanas) have been evolved through centuries and millenniums. There are numerous yoga postures and each one of them has their distinctiveness. While you perform yoga, you should keep in mind about various factors. An awareness and knowledge of your body limitation is compulsory before and while you practice yoga. You should listen to your body. For example, if your body unable to perform a particular posture, then do not push yourself.

In this recent article, we write about expanding yoga poses names. We give information about them both in Sanskrit and English. Since these poses are not basic yoga poses anymore, you should really understand your limitation, in case you want to perform the pose.

Inside this article, we provide information about standing poses names in expanding yoga poses. The left one is the Sanskrit name and the right one is the English name.

Happy learning about yoga poses names!

Expanding Yoga Poses Names – Standing poses
  • Parighasana – Crossbar pose / Beam pose
  • Viparita Virabhadrasana Dvi – Reverse virabhadra’s pose II / Reverse warrior II
  • Garudasana – Garuda’s pose / Eagle pose
  • Vrksasana with ardha-padmasana / Tree pose with half lotus pose
  • Urdhva-Prasarita-Ekapadasana – Standing splits pose / Upward extended one foot pose
  • Parsvakonasana – Side angle pose
  • Parivrtta Uttanasana – Rotated forward bend pose
  • Natarajikasana – Baby dancer pose
  • Virabhadrasana Tri – Warrior pose III / Virabhadra’s pose III
  • Ardha-candra-capasana – Half-moon pose / Bow pose
  • Parivrtta ardha-candrasana – Rotated half-moon pose
  • Utkatasana – Fierce pose / Chair” pose
  • Parivrtta Hasta-Padangusthasana – Rotated hand to big toe pose
  • Hasta Padangusthasana


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