What are the Benefits of Tadagi Mudra and its Technique?

Tadagi mudra asana is beneficial for various body functions. The asana is good for a healthy respiratory system, digestive system, abdomen and pelvis muscles. The asana benefits various glands and organs of abdominal cavity.

The Sanskrit meaning of ‘Tadaga’ is pond or lake and ‘Mudra’ is position. In this asana, the abdomen wall takes a concave position, hence it is called Tadagi mudra. This asana reveals the similar body posture of Uddiyana bandhadone during Pranayama. It is a belief that this asana delays old age and death.

Technique of Tadagi Mudra

The asana can be performed as a separate exercise oe done with Bhadrasana or Utanmandukasana. If you are doing it as a separate exercise, it should be done in the following manner –

  • Keep the feet a little apart and take a comfortable standing position.
  • Keeping hands on knees, slightly bend the body forward.
  • Exhale out the air deeply and do not allow the air to enter the lungs again.
  • Raise the ribs so that the thorax relax.
  • The diaphragm is raised to completely fill the vacuum and with this the abdominal wall is also pulled.
  • This provides the concave shape to the abdomen.
  • While the abdominal wall is in relaxed position, the anus and pelvis are contracted.
  • Hold the position as long as the person can take it comfortably, then inhale the air normally.
  • After a few normal breathings, this process can be repeated for few times.

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