What are the Benefits of Cow Pose?

Cow pose is one of the yoga beginner poses, that can be practiced with ease. It’s anatomical focus is on uterus and it is used as a therapeutic application for stress. It also stretches the neck and front torso. Practicing cow pose regularly increases abdominal strength and flexibility. It is often practiced in conjunction with cat pose for better results. However, people with knee fractures or arm injuries must avoid this pose, as it can increase the pain.


  • People with knee or palm injury should avoid this pose
  • If the user has neck injury then, keep your head in line with torso
How to Practise Cow Pose?

Cow Pose

  • Start on your knees and palms in a tabletop position
  • Your knees must be set directly below the hips
  • Make sure your shoulders, elbows and wrists are in line and are perpendicular to the floor
  • Now center your head in neutral position and your eyes looking at the floor
  • As you inhale slowly, lift your chest and sitting bones towards the ceiling, allow your belly to sink towards the floor
  • Lift your head so that you look straight forward
  • Exhale slowly and come back to neutral position (tabletop) on your knees and palms
  • Repeat the procedure at least for 10 times

Benefits of Cow Pose

  • It stretches your front torso and neck
  • It gives a gentle massage to the belly organs and your spine
  • Increases abdominal strength and spinal flexibility
  • It also relaxes your mind and relives stress

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