Yoga Basic Pose: Wide Angle Pose

Do you know how to perform wide angle pose, one of the yoga basic pose? If you know how to perform wide angle pose, do you have any difficulty? Going further, do you believe that you have performed wide angle pose correctly?

At present time, Hatha yoga is the most commonly known yoga’s form. Hatha is taken from Sanskrit words ( Ha means sun, Tha means moon). Hatha represents opposite energies, such as male and female, positive and negative, or hot and cold. Hatha yoga teaches to balance the practitioner’s body and mind through physical exercises (asanas), along with controlled breathing (pranayama) as well as calm mind via meditation and relaxation. Hence, asanas are the central of the practice of Hatha yoga.

Inside this recent article about yoga basic pose, we present you about how to perform wide angle pose, the benefits and what it looks like.

Optimistically, you will derive valuable information about yoga through this article.

Happy yoga exercising!

Yoga Basic Pose – Wide Angle Pose (also known as Prasarita Padottanasana)

Here are the steps to perform wide angle pose:
Yoga Basic Pose - Wide Angle Pose

  • Spread a blanket or yoga mat on the floor
  • Make your legs apart at least three feet
  • Make the feel parallel
  • Energize the feet by lifting the arches
  • Energize the legs by activating the thighs
  • Maintain firmness at the entire legs
  • Fold forward at your hips
  • Take your hand to the mat/blanket in line with the feet
  • Release your head to the mat/blanket
  • Make more length in your spine
  • Keep the legs working while you hold the pose
  • When you want to come up, be sure to maintain firmness at your legs and keep your knees straight
  • Keep your back straight as you come up

Benefits of Wide Angle Pose

  • Develops your hamstrings
  • Stretch your groin
  • Increases circulation in your pelvis
  • Strengthens your legs
  • Make your hip joints stronger
  • Develops your balance

What Wide Angle Pose Looks Like
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In the next article, we will write about seated wide-angle forward bend pose.

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