Yoga Basic Pose: Tree Pose

Do you know how to perform tree pose? If you do, how difficult is it to perform tree pose? Furthermore, are you sure you have performed tree pose in a correct manner?

There are poses which requires an expertise to ensure the correctness of your pose. Tree pose would be one of those poses.

Kindly bear in mind, you will derive the maximum benefits and develop yourself faster if you practice your yoga pose with yoga professionals. Certainly, you have to combine your yoga lesson with regular exercise too.

Inside this article, we explain you about how to perform yoga tree pose, what are the benefits and what tree pose looks like.

Hopefully, you will get a lot of useful information about tree pose through this article.

Happy yoga exercising!

Tree Pose (also known as Vrksasana)
First, align yourself with mountain pose to have the maximum benefit of tree pose.
Here are the steps to perform mountain pose:

  • Spread a blanket or yoga mat on the floor
  • Stand straight and make your toes touching each other
  • Lift your toes up
  • Make the toes fan up and then drop them down in a bid to create a firm base
  • Spread your weight onto four corners of your feet
  • Take on your quadriceps and move them quadriceps upward. By this step, your will make your knee caps rise
  • Rotate both thighs inward. Throughout this step, you will be widening your sit bones
  • Press on your tail-bone in between your sit bones
  • Tone your stomach, make your stomach in slightly
  • Make your collar bone wider and be sure that your shoulders parallel to your pelvis
  • Make sure that your chin level with the floor

Once you have done with mountain pose, do the following steps:

  • Put your weight onto your left leg
  • Lift your right foot to your left thigh
  • Make your toes pointing downwards
  • Keep your balance and lift your arms up over your head
  • Put your palms together
  • Imagine if you flower the tree by opening your hands and bring your arms down to the sides of your body
  • Switch your position

Benefits of Tree Pose

  • Develops your balance and stability
  • Enhances your concentration
  • Tones your leg muscles
  • Increases stability in your hips and knees

What Tree Pose Looks Like
A tree

In the next article, we will write about upward boat pose and warrior I pose.

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