yoga for sex and sexual problems

Although, yoga which has proved to be very effective in the treatment of many impossible and incurable diseases, the therapeutic effect of yoga is only a byproduct and incidental. Problems related to sex can very well be handled with yoga for sex as most often these problems are more related to the mind than body. Either they are caused by lack of confidence or stress or fatigue or fear and very few times some physical cause is there.

yoga for sex and sexual problems:

Below are some problems like premature ejaculation, gamophobia etc. whose yogic cures have been prescribed.

Pre-mature ejaculation

For treating it some breathing exercises, accompanied with meditation and naturopathy shall be helpful.

Pranayam (Breathing exercises)

3 step breathing (6 times each step)- 6 min

Alternate breathing technique – 9 min

Meditation – Focus your attention on your breathing, feel its temperature, and keep your breathing thoroughly equalized (i.e. inhale for 3 sec and exhale for 3 secs).

For optimum benefits do these yogic techniques twice a day. Also take 8-10 glasses of water in a day. Put towel soaked in cold water (temp. approx.15-25 degree Celsius) folded under spine, at least twice day for about 20 min session. At night apply blue oil (suncharged) from the top to the end of the tailbone to 2-4 inches upward on the spine itself.

Reduce spices, and excess consumption of food items like mutton and chicken from your diet.

Erectile dysfunction –

Some yogic poses useful for such condition are:

Anal Lift. – 5 times.
Abdominal Lift. – 5 times.
Yogic Seal Pose. – 1min.
Wind Releasing Pose. – 1min.
Cobra Pose. – 1min.


Yoga plan to cure impotence:

Asans (Yogic postures) – Sun Salute, Wind releasing pose, Abdominal lift, Anal lift, Yogic seal pose, Cobra pose, Shoulder stand, Plough pose, Horse gesture, Thunderbolt Attitude

Pranayam (Breathing technique) – Alternate breathing and Bellow breathing.


Gamophobia is made up of terms Gamos meaning marriage and phobia meaning irrational and deep seated fear. So gamophobia is irrational fear of marriage.

Person with gamophobia is afraid of getting married. He/she gets anxious at the thought of marriage, is not comfortable building an intimate relationship with the opposite sex. The symptoms are showing irrational behavior, being overly anxious if a person is being told to or being taken to meet the prospective better half, etc. For such a case it is better to do exercises to increase self worth, and also practice meditation to keep the mind more at peace and be able to think rationally.

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