Yoga Basic Pose: Seated Forward Bend Pose

Do you know if seated forward bend pose includes as yoga basic pose? Have you known the benefits of seated forward bend pose? Lastly but essential, do you know how to exercise seated forward bend pose? All of these questions are answered inside this article. Surely it would be beneficial to add your knowledge with this information.

Yoga has been existed for thousand years and so many people have derived the benefits to both body and soul. Yoga asanas (yoga poses) would be one of the ways to acquire the benefits of yoga.

However, some people feel that yoga asanas are uneasy to perform, especially after they see many pictures of people performing yoga. Therefore, if you want to practice yoga poses, ask a yoga expertise to assist you. He/she will guide you to perform yoga poses in a better way. Hence, you will develop your yoga skills faster and reduce the possibility of injuries at the same time.

In relevance with the first paragraph, we present you with information about how to perform yoga basic pose – seated forward bend pose and the benefits.

Hopefully, you will derive benefits from this article.

Happy yoga exercising!

Yoga Basic Pose – Seated Forward Bend Pose (also known as Paschimotanasana)

Before you perform seated forward bend pose, it would be better for you to start with staff pose (dandasana). Therefore, you will achieve your goal faster to perform seated forward bend pose.

To make you easier in understanding staff dog pose, we provide you with the steps to perform it.
Yoga Basic Pose - Seated Forward Bend Pose
The steps to perform staff pose are as follows:

  • Spread a blanket or yoga mat on the floor
  • Sit with your leds outstretched straight to the front
  • Make your knees go straight and flex them slightly
  • Flex your thigh muscle slightly. Be sure to make your weight not on your heels

Then, you may continue with the following steps to perform seated forward bend pose:

  • Take both your hands above your head
  • Make sure your spine keep straight and your tailbone should move outside
  • Bend forward extend your hands and touch your big toes

Benefits of Seated Forward Bend Pose

  • Tones your abdominal organs
  • Tones your kidneys
  • Lengthens your hamstrings
  • Rejuvenates your spine
  • Improves your digestion
  • Therapeutic for sinusitis, insomnia, infertility and high blood pressure
  • According to the traditional texts, it increases appetite, cures diseases and reduces obesity

What Seated Forward Bend Pose Looks Like

  • A shy cat
  • A plant getting ready to grow from seed

In the next article, we will write about other yoga basic poses – half lord of the fishes pose and side angle pose.

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