Yoga Basic Poses: Lotus Pose and Mountain Pose

Do you know what posture in yoga is considered as the best? Lotus position would be the answer. Lotus position illustrates the image of a lotus when blooming. The formation of both hands and feet manifest the blooming lotus. Another pose, moutain pose is a combination of chair pose (utakasana) and eagle pose (garudasana).  In this article, we provide you with information about these two yoga basic poses, benefits and how they look like as the end result.

Kindly remember to start your yoga exercise, be it any yoga basic poses or advanced poses, with meditation. Hopefully, the information given in this article would give you benefits in many aspects of your life.

Yoga Basic Poses – Lotus Pose and Mountain Pose

Lotus Pose (also known as Padmasana)
Yoga Basic Poses - Lotus PoseHere are the steps to perform lotus pose:

  • Spread a blanket or yoga mat on the floor
  • Place your legs in face
  • Spread your legs forward
  • Lift each of your foot and cross onto each thigh
  • Keep your left and right knees on your mat/blanket
  • Put your hands on your knees and keep them over the ankle
  • Sit steadily
  • Close your eyes and control your breath

Benefits of Lotus Pose:

  • Helps with relaxation
  • Opens your hips
  • Calms your mind

What Lotus Looks Like:

  • A blooming lotus
  • A meditating Lord Buddha

Mountain Pose (also known as Tadasana)
The steps to perform mountain pose are as follows:
Yoga Basic Poses - Mountain Pose

  • Spread a blanket or a yoga mat on the floor.
  • Stand straight and be sure to make your big toes touching each other.
  • Lift up the toes.
  • Make the toes fan up and then drop the toes down to create a solid base.
  • Make your weight equally distributed to all four corners of your feet.
  • Seize on your quadriceps and take the quadriceps upward. By this step, your knee caps would rise.
  • Rotate both of your thighs inward. From this step, a widening of the sit bones will be formed.
  • Push your tail-bone in between your sit bones.
  • Tone your stomach, pull your stomach in slightly.
  • Widen your collar bone and make your shoulders parallel toward your pelvis.
  • Make your chin level with the floor.
  • Imagine the energy from the earth comes from the bottom of your feet, goes up and extends out through your hands, head and feet.

Benefits of Mountain Pose:

  • Naturally aligns your entire body
  • Teaches proper standing pose
  • Makes your back strong
  • Develops your concentration
  • Spinal alignment

What Mountain Pose Looks Like:
A steady mountain

In the next article, we will write about some other yoga basic poses.

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