What is Anusara Yoga? – Principles and Practise

Anusara Yoga is a modern school in Hatha yoga, it is grounded in intrinsic goodness, a Tantric philosophy. Anusara means flowing with grace, this technique was started in 1997 by John Friend. He still continues to play an important role in expanding the school by training many teachers every year. He also provides them certificate to start classes on their own. The headquarters of Anusara yoga school is in Woodlands, Texas.

Principles of Anusara Yoga
  • A strong belief that all living beings are intrinsically good
  • Vinyasa style practise, this emphasizes heart opening by physical alignment and back bending (props are used on requirement)
  • It emphasis on bringing the learned lessons in yoga classes to daily life practise

Anusara Yoga Practise

  • This technique emphasis on Universal Principles of Alignment, it has all postures and spiritual benefits of the hatha yoga underlying.
  • The practise of this yoga is broadly classified into three parts. They are Attitude, Action and Alignment.


Attitude can be defined as the aspiration to awaken to our true divine nature. According to John, it is defined as the power of your heart, that is, like the force behind any action or an expression in a posture.


According to John, alignment is the awareness of the interconnection and integration of our body, that is, how different parts are aligned.


It is a concept related to the body that provides stability and joyful freedom. According to John, it is the natural flow of energy inside your body.

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