Yoga Basic Pose: Lion Pose

What kind of difficulties do you have in performing yoga? It would be good if you do not have any. Nevertheless, kindly remember to self evaluate yourself regularly. Take a look at your strength and weaknesses while practicing yoga. Share your valuable experiences to others. In that way, hopefully your path to yoga way gets smoother.

Inside this article, we present you with information about how to perform one of the yoga basic pose – the lion pose. As a yoga basic pose, lion pose would be performed better if you practice this pose along with child’s pose.

Make child’s pose as your first step of practicing yoga asana before you go to lion pose. In that way, you will a better result.

Hopefully, the information given in this article would give you benefits in many aspects of your life.

Happy yoga exercising!

Yoga Basic Pose – Lion Pose (also known as Simhasana)

Start your yoga exercise with child’s pose (balasana) in a bid to have a better result.

The steps to carry out child’s pose are as follows:

  • Spread a yoga mat or blanket on the floor
  • Kneel yourself on it
  • Put your hands next to your knees, shoulder and your hip width apart
  • Put the top of your knees flat on the blanket/mat
  • Touch your toes
  • Sit on your heels
  • Extend your arms forward without rising off the heels
  • Take your head down
  • Put your forehead on the mat/blanket
  • Stretch your arms along with the fingers out
  • Keep your head, neck and back relax

Then, continue your exercise with the following steps:

Keep your last position of child’s pose, with both arms and hands extended.

Benefits of Lion Pose:

  • Good for your lower back
  • Good resting pose
  • Releases tension in your body
  • Strengthens your arms

What Lion Pose Looks Like:

  • A lion
  • A cat
  • A sphinx

In the next article, we will write about another yoga basic pose.

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