Yoga Basic Pose: Frog Pose

Do you want to enhance your skills in performing yoga asanas? Practice yourself regularly in order to achieve a perfect result. There are so many yoga poses and some of them unfortunately unsuitable for beginner yoga practitioners. Therefore, we write about how to practice yoga basic poses. These poses are relatively easy to perform by amateurs.

Two of the most important basic yoga poses are table pose and mountain pose. Table pose and mountain pose often combined with other yoga pose to make a better result. A good knowledge about how to perform these two yoga basic poses would be beneficial.

The yoga basic pose which we write now, frog pose, is combined with table pose. Practice yourself regularly so that you will derive the maximum benefit.

Be happy and exercise yoga routinely!

Yoga Basic Pose – Frog Pose

Frog Pose (also known as Bekasana)
Here are the steps to perform frog pose:

Yoga Basic Pose - Frog PoseBegin your yoga exercise with table pose. The steps to perform table pose are as follows:

  • Spread a blanket or yoga mat on the floor
  • Place both hands and knees on the mat/blanket
  • Take your knees hip width apart
  • Place your feet behind your knees
  • Bring the arms under the shoulder and be sure that your fingers facing forward
  • Look down and consent to your back to be flat
  • Press into the palms to drop the shoulder slightly away from your ears
  • Press your tail bone to the back wall
  • Make your top of the head to the front wall to lengthen your spine

Then, perform the next steps:

  • Spread your knees toward edges of blanket/mat
  • Bring your heels together
  • Bow forward onto your stomach and elbows
  • Press feet into each other
  • Extend out your feet through your knees

Benefits of Frog Pose:

  • Good for your abdominal organs
  • Stretches your hips
  • Stretches your thighs

What Frog Pose Looks Like:

  • A frog
  • A swimmer under the water

In the next article, we will write about another yoga basic pose – handstand pose.

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