Yoga for Enlightenment

Yoga for Enlightenment

Enlightenment is the key proposal of Yoga. This term may frighten the unwary and attract the ambitious since it took exaggerated proportions in the West. Many think it is “wrong” to claim for enlightenment because this privilege is only the “saints.” Not true. Enlightenment means mental clarity, complete organization in the psycho-physical mechanism that result in clear perception and ease in the way of seeing things, it allows to see differently through a certain quality in the act of seeing. In a metaphor, is the “light in the mind to see.” This journey teaches us gradually to set aside the mechanics of our ego so that we can act without his interference. The ego is the “deposit” of our conscience of obtained by memory: memory of the race, ancestors, culture, religion, country, parents, etc..

You can read wonders about what is enlightenment, and also ear too many absurdities. You may have a personal idea about what is the enlightenment and this idea may be totally wrong. You may have learned many things about this subject and still not have a clue about what it is. My advice is: Forget all the nonsense that you think about what it is and get your personal work with one step after another.

The road is long and not everyone is willing to walk it. Some prefer that some “guru” teach them how. But the self-knowledge is a personal and in-transmissible task and no guru in this world can do it for you.

Believe that only you will be able to find the Enlightenment and that only you, alone, will be able to understand and live this state.

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