Yoga Basic Pose: Chair Pose

At the moment, how good is your ability in performing basic asanas such as chair pose and child’s pose? If you do not know yet, you may find steps to perform chair pose and child’s pose inside this article.

Asanas (yoga poses) seems hard to perform by beginner yoga practitioners. Therefore, we would like to help these new yoga practitioners to learn about yoga basic poses.

In our previous article we have written about cat pose, camel pose and several other yoga basic poses.

Now, we provide you with information about another yoga pose, chair pose.

Chair Pose (also known as Utakatasana)
Here are the steps to perform chair pose:

Begin your practice with mountain pose. The steps to perform mountain pose are as follows:

  • Stand with your big toes touching each other
  • Lift up the toes
  • Let your toes fan up and then drop your toes down creating a solid base
  • Spread your weight onto four corners of both feet
  • Engage your quadriceps and draw them upward. This step will make you knee caps to rise
  • Rotate both of your thighs inward. This step will create a widening of your sit bones
  • Tuck your tailbone in between your sit bones
  • Tone your belly, pull them in slightly
  • Widen your collar bone and be sure to make your shoulders parallel to your pelvis
  • Make your chin level with the floor

Then, do these steps:

  • Raise your arms over your head
  • Bend your knees and bring them together
  • Sit as if you sit on a chair

Benefits of Chair Pose

  • Strengthens your ankles
  • Toughens your calves
  • Makes your inner thighs stronger
  • Strengthens your back

What Chair Pose Looks Like

  • A chair
  • Zeus’ lightening bolt

In the next article, we will write about child’s pose and cobra pose.

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