Yoga Terms

Yoga Terms

Do you know what asana is? How about the benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama? How about Halasana? There are so many yoga terms that often make beginner yoga practitioners feel confused. In this article, we provide you with general understanding about yoga terms which are used frequently in the world of Yoga.

Different yoga terms :

Asanas (Poses of Yoga)
Asanas help you to be stronger and healthier as well as eliminate many diseases.

Bhastrika Pranayama
Bhastrika Pranayama would help you develop your lungs, enhances your lung’s power and capacity.

Bhujanga, Dhanur and Salabha Asanas
The practice of them would help to remove constipation.

The combination of Bhujanga Asana and Salabha Asana would give you Dhanurasana.

Known as one of the important factors in yoga. Eating in control will help you to achieve your goal in a better way.

Fasting is another important factor of yoga. It helps you to eliminate poison, purify your system and rejuvenate your cells.

It enhances your digestive ability, increases your appetite and eradicates many intestinal diseases.

It makes your spine very elastic and flexible.

It should be controlled through Pratyahara practice.

Japa should go along with Asanas and Pranayamas.

It helps you attain your long life as well as awakens your Kundalini.

It makes your arms and forearms muscles stronger.

Mind of human could be controlled through Abhyasa, Satsanga Vichara, Vairagya, eradication of Vasanas, meditation, Pranayama, egoism obliteration and cultivation of virtues.

Nadi Suddhi
Meditation breathing technique can be attained through Pranayama practice.

Oordhva Padmasana
Tests your wet dreams and transforms your sexual energy into Ojas.

It helps you remove your fat, eliminates diseases inside your stomach and increases your gastric fire.

It is the king of all asanas.

It helps you to increase your mind concentration and removes your eyes diseases.

Uddiyana Bandha
It conveys health, strength, vitality and vigour as well as eradicates alimentary system disorders.

It helps to remove drowsiness, enhances digestion, strengthens your spine and also useful for meditation.

Yoga Mudra
It eliminates abdomen disorders and awakens your Kundalini.

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