Yoga Basic Poses

How many yoga poses (also known as asanas) have you known? One thing for sure, one article is not enough to write and explain about all poses in yoga. However, there are some basis poses which always been used.

If you are a beginner in yoga, you may try the asanas inside this article. As an introduction, we provide you with information about bound angle pose and boat pose. Then, we will continue to write about other yoga poses in the next articles.

These yoga poses are relatively easy to do and definitely useful to enhance your flexibility as well as ability to carry out yoga poses.

Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)
Bound angle pose is a sitting yoga pose. Here are several steps to practice bound angle pose:

  • Stretch a seat on the floor
  • Bring your feet together
  • Press your feet briskly
  • Extend out through your knees
  • Bow forward

Benefits of Bound Angle Pose:

  • Good for your hip
  • Good for your knee joints
  • Helps with bladder control
  • Helps lower abdominal organs in functioning

What Bound Angle Pose looks like:

  • A butterfly
  • A flower pot

Boat Pose (Navasana)
Boat pose is a seated yoga pose. The steps to practice boat pose are as follows:

  • Stretch a seat on the floor
  • Bent your knees
  • Bring your arms out straight in front of your near knees
  • Use your stomach muscles to move legs inside and up
  • For a full position, extend your legs

Benefits of Boat Pose:

  • Improves your digestion
  • Strengthens your abdominals
  • Tones your kidneys

What Boat Pose looks like:

  • The letter V
  • A boat with oars
  • A bowl

In the next article, we will write about bow pose and bridge pose.

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