Lotus Position – Benefits

Do you know what the best posture in yoga is? In yoga, there are so many postures and positions. From these various postures to practice meditation, pranayama and yoga, there is one position which is considered as the best. That is called lotus position (also well-known as padmasana).

Lotus position describes the form of a lotus while blooming. As you can see from many images and statues of Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavira, they seat in this lotus position. The manifestation of the blooming lotus is described from the hands and the feet.

As a yoga practitioner, you should able to sit in this position for thirty minutes as the minimum duration. It would be better for you to be steady since this will make you stronger, healthy and eliminate many diseases.

How to Practice Lotus Position

Lotus Position

  • Stretch a seat on the floor
  • Put your legs in front
  • Take your face to the north or east
  • Spread you legs forward
  • Take hold on your right foot and keep it on your left thigh
  • Put your left foot over your right tight
  • Keep both of your knees on your seat
  • Place your hands on your knees
  • Make a finger lock if you want to
  • Keep your hands over your left ankle
  • Sit steadily
  • Keep your head, neck and back in a straight line
  • Close your eyes
  • Control your breath
  • Be relaxed, focus and begin your meditation

Kindly remember to make your thumbs and fingers overlap each other. This would give an image of the petals of a lotus whilst your feet give an appearance of two lotus leaves. As an added information, while practicing lotus position, your hands should be put aside on your heels.

Benefits of Lotus Pose

  • Calms your brain
  • Improves the concentration
  • Stimulates the spine, pelvis, bladder and the abdomen region
  • Stretches your knees and ankles
  • Eases menstrual discomfort
  • Reduces sciatica nerve pain
  • Consistent practice till the last three months of pregnancy will help ease the delivery
  • This pose is one of the best poses to rise the kundalini power


People with ankle or knee injury must avoid this pose.

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