Yoga Myths Dispelled

To better understand why you should have a yoga practice, we need to look at the yoga myths surrounding what yoga is, and what may be preventing you from getting started. This article explains you the yoga myths and the truths behind the yoga myths.

Various Yoga Myths


You have to be young, thin, and extremely flexible to do yoga.

Those pictured in the magazines or on commercials are most likely either professional models, ex-gymnasts, or they are advanced yogis demonstrating poses that only 15 to 20 % of all yoga practitioners could possibly execute, at least in this lifetime.

In fact, those of us doing yoga are of all ages, sizes, shapes and fitness levels and twisting our bodies into pretzel-like shapes is never, ever required. You can, of course, depending on your body type and dedication, advance in yoga and work at a very high level.


Yoga is too far out, they’ll make you chant or do something weird. And it is probably too hard for me.


In our modern, westernized world yoga is made to be mainstream. You won’t be out of your element in a yoga class, as long as you find the right one for YOU.

Yes, some classes include chanting, but know every teacher is different, every style varies, the intensity of the physicality can be any where from highly athletic to very gentle or restorative, and for those who can not easily get up and down off the floor, yoga may be practiced while sitting in a chair.


It’s too hard to find a class that is the right fit for me.


Of course this depends on where you live, but most towns offer some choices. Finding the right class and teacher for you requires you do the research. Interview a potential teacher and ask them questions about their training and experience. Describe your needs and interests and ask if they think their class is right for you. Ask how large is the class and how much individual attention you will receive.

If you can’t find a class close to your home then purchase a Yoga Video DVD, but make sure it is one that you can easily follow and that will keep you safe.


Yoga is a religion which may be in conflict with my own religious affiliation.


Yoga is not a religion; there is no church, no preaching (well maybe a little) or doctrines or creeds. That said, your practice may become a part of your own spiritual path, if you choose to walk it. Yoga opens the body, which might be thought of as the vessel through which the divine works in our lives. Many practitioners find they just naturally want to further explore spirituality, developing this side of their nature which may have been dormant.

These are the yoga myths and the facts behind them.

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