Yoga Meditation Practice

Do you know how to perform the right yoga meditation? A comfortable place for practicing yoga meditation is essential if you want to achieve the purpose of yoga, the uniting of both body and mind. Practicing both yoga and meditation is very important to ensure the best result for your body and mind. Therefore, to have the knowledge about yoga meditation and practice it systematically is compulsory. Inside this article, we present you with information which might be useful for your yoga meditation practice.

What is Meditation
Meditation is a continuous thought about one thing or God. Keeping up the idea about God continuously in your mediation would enhance your concentration ability. During the meditation, you should free your mind from worldy thoughts and be one with the Divine.

Steps involved in Yoga Meditation Practice


  • Pick your meditation place carefully. You should free from any kind of disturbance during your mediation. If you have, make a separate meditation room and lock the door every time you want to meditate.
  • Have your self-realization through solitude and intense meditation.
  • When you are ready to practice yoga meditation, never allow anyone and/or everyone to enter your mediation room.
  • If you have to, keep your meditation room sacred.
  • In case you cannot provide yourself with a proper room for yoga meditation and to exercise pranayama, take yourself in a corner of a quiet room and put a curtain to cover the place.


  • Meditating before the sun rises would be the best time for spiritual contemplation. In early morning, your mind  will be still fresh, calm and pure.
  • Wash your hand, face and feet with cold water to freshen you up before performing the meditation.
  • If you cannot meditate in early morning, choose another time when your mind is calm and clear. Kindly remember to choose the time which is free of disturbance.


  • Concentrate to the space between your two eyebrows (trikuti). Remember to close your eyes to make you concentrate better.
  • You may select another center of concentration. The point is, stick to one centre in concentration and never change it.

Yogic Diet

  • Never overload your stomach with food and beverages, otherwise you will sleep instead of meditate.
  • You may take a small amount of food or any light diet if you feel weak.

Make your body steady, make your mind firm, and make your body light. Through this way, you will gain full benefit of meditation.

Hopefully, by adopting the tips above, you will be able to perform your yoga meditation better along with pranayama and asanas.

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