The History of Yoga: Post Classical Yoga

Do you know what indicates the post classical period in the history of yoga? How about the differences with the previous period – The Classical Yoga?

In contrast with the classical yoga, post classical yoga period affirms the ultimate unity of everything. This fact seems as a reaction to the dualistic strains of Classical Yoga. In the post classical period, no dualistic traditions grown.

History of Yoga – Schools in Yoga Post Classical Period

Vedanta made as a direct critique of Samkhya dualism. Going back to the Upanishads, the Vedantins wanted to prove to the world that the ignorance and misperception through mental projection was presented and could be seen in the dualism of Classical Yoga.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a Tantra school that probably put a serious attention to the human’s body as well as the prana as a full realization of self spiritual potential.

Hatha Yoga school presented full attention to the significance of human experience. Hatha Yoga tried to solve the dualism of Classical period by transforming the human into the divine.

Therefore, Hatha Yoga school also included the body within the transformation rather than leave it behind as suggested by Patanjali.

Tantra made as a response to dualism and represents a shift perspective about the appreciation to the world. According to Tantra School, this world is real in both spiritual and practical sense as a part of consciousness. Most importantly, material world goes the same intrinsically with the spiritual world.

The same as Vedanta, reality is one and can be presented in many different forms and many different ways.

The literature of Bhakti Marga
This literature teaches about devotional path.

The Yoga Upanishads
As already explained in the article named The History of Yoga – pre classical yoga, yoga upanishads concentrate in the importance for human to learn and apply the ultimate unity of all.

The Literature of Puranas
The interesting part about the literature of puranas is the way they deliver their teachings. The literature of Puranas was written in stories and legends which meant to communicate the traditional wisdom.

Starting from this period, the physical practices of yoga took a new perspective and became highly refined. This is all about post classical history of yoga

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