What is Taoist Yoga?

Taoist yoga is a modern name given to describe the ancient Taoist Yogic Art used to have good mind-body harmony. It consists of gentle movements, breath work, stretches, meditation to balance, visualization, strengthen and heal the human body.

What is Taoist Yoga?

Taoist yoga is a technique comprising of movement exercises and stretching exercises, it also coordinates the breathing with certain poses. It is based on ancient and complex exercises of Tai Chi tradition and Hatha yoga, but it is a very simple system which can be practiced by all individuals regardless of gender, age, ability, size and health.

Taoist yoga is simple yet versatile because it is based on few basic principles of Tai Chi and yoga. If we attain a solid foundation in the fundamental principles of Taoist yoga then, we can use them at any movement and situation of life.

Primary Goals of Taoist Yoga

  • To increase the vital energy moving into and circulating within our bodies.
  • To become aware of the subtleties of our body, breath, and mind and understand their relationship to one another, as well as how to use this relationship to create a sense of wholeness and peace in our daily life.
  • To increase our physical flexibility, as well as smoothness and depth in breathing. This helps to enhance every aspect of our physical, mental, and spiritual well being.

Taoist Yoga Instructions
Below given are few instructions to be followed religiously for better results.

  • Most important instruction is to do the practice every day.
  • A space with good ventilation and lighting is necessary.
  • Stay calm and relaxed. Also keep your mind peaceful during the physical exercise.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes for exercising.
  • Do not eat just before you. It effects your digestion and it makes you sluggish and tired.
  • You can eat anything, but make sure that you do not over eat.
  • Smoking is frowned upon.
  • Narcotic drugs usage is forbidden.
  • Excessive alcohol intake should be avoided.
  • Never practise the exercises with full bladder.

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