What is Kriya Pranayama?

Kriya pranayama is one of the fastest technique to accelerate your spiritual growth. Kriya yoga is mainly based on pranayama and meditation techniques. During the initialization, sadhakas (one who practises yoga) will be given detailed explanation of each and every procedure in the pranayama technique and the physiology behind it. Kriya pranayama initializes the chakra and awakens the kundalini power.

What is Kriya Pranayama?

Kriya pranayama is performed based on the chakras along your spine, especially on your dorsal side. The procedure is very simple but, in the beginning stages of practise it is advised to practise in the presence of a guru. In this technique each breath you take will initialise one chakra, and the breath is called an OM (source of the universe). The process will have 12 inhalations or 12 OM’s, it is called as a kriya. Beginners generally do two kriyas twice a day and advanced users practise up to 8 kriya’s three times a day.

Kriya Pranayama Procedure

  • There are seven chakra in our body starting from the base of our spine to the head along the spinal cord
  • It starts from the Muladhara chakra (The Base chakra) and ends in the Ajna chakra (The crown point). Finally, goes down to Muladhara chakra
  • One OM will be read at each chakra while going up and one OM on the way down
  • One full cycle consists of 12 OM’s
  • One kriya is the sum of 12 cycles, and all new kriya yogi’s will practise one kriya in the beginning
  • One kriya should take a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 60 seconds

Benefits of Kriya Pranayama

  • It decreases your breathing rate, thereby increasing your life span
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Stabilises your mind
  • Increases alertness and sharpness

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