What is the Bhastrika Pranayama Procedure?

In this busy world we try to race with time, as a result we ignore our physical well-being as well as spiritual prosperity. Yoga, pranayama and meditation are the best ways to reduce the stress and live a happy life. Bhastrika pranayama technique is the simplest of all the pranayama techniques.

Bhastrika Pranayama Procedure
  • Sit in a comfortable crossed leg posture, sukasana (using padmasana or vajrasana is the best) and keep your back straight. Rest your hands on the knees using gyana mudra or chin mudra.
  • Feel relaxed, just focus on the breathing pattern
  • Inhale forcefully through your both nostrils till your lungs are filled with air. After the full breath-in, exhale with a great force that is, you should hear a hissing sound
  • The force with which you exhale and inhale are very important in the practise of Bhastrika pranayama, so make sure you apply the maximum force and speed based on your ability
  • In Bhastrika pranayama, while you inhale your chest area should blow up instead of your abdomin area
  • One cycle of Bhastrika pranayama include a forceful inhaling and a forceful exhaling. Repeat the cycle for five to ten times
  • You can do this pranayama routine twice a day, for five minutes each time

Cautions Before Practising Bhastrika Pranayam

  • Individuals with high blood pressure and heart problems should strictly avoid this pranayama
  • While practising if you experience giddiness, immediately stop the practise and take normal breathing and rest for a while

Benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama

  • It helps in throwing out toxins, hence cures few respiratory track illnesses
  • Purifies blood by boosting oxygen levels in your body
  • Usually keeps negative thoughts away
  • It increases warmth in your body, thereby preventing common cold
  • Regular practise of this pranayama will keep you away from many diseases

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