How to Practise Yoga Corpse Pose?

Most of the yoga practitioners think yoga corpse pose to be not so beneficial, but it is entirely other way around. Actually, in this asana we feel more about our body and the energy flowing after a yoga practice. This article gives you an idea on how to practice yoga corpse pose and its benefits.

How to Practice Yoga Corpse Pose
  • Sit down on the floor and extend your legs straightly in front of you
  • Lean backwards on the elbows
  • Now slowly lower your back until you are flat
  • Gently stretch your legs apart and relax them
  • Gently stretch the arms out on the floor, generally a foot away from body. Keep the palms facing upwards and relax
  • Keep the shoulders down away from your ears
  • Close the eyes and breath steadily
  • Now relax your entire body and feel the parts of your body
  • Hold in the pose for about 15 minutes and try to calm your mind
  • If you know how to meditate, you can practice it in this position. Doing so has great benefits
  • When you are getting out of the pose, first bend your knees, then using the legs push yourself to one side
  • Stay on the side for few moments
  • Use your hands to push yourself slowly to a sitting position
  • You can practice this pose before and after the practice of other asanas

Benefits of Practicing Yoga Corpse Pose

  • For yoga beginners, yoga Corpse pose is the easiest one to practice
  • According to the masters and gurus, it is not just an easy pose, but also a very important pose in the yoga practice
  • This asana gives an opportunity for your body to relax
  • If you meditate in this position, it relaxes each and every nerve of the body and improves your respiration.
  • Clean circulatory and respiratory systems result in a better refreshing life

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