Yoga for Hypotension Treatment

Hypotension is a serious problem that can lead to many other health problems and side effects. Practicing yoga for hypotension can reduce this problem efficiently. But there are some poses that you are not supposed to practice and few things to remember while practicing yoga with hypotension.

Yoga for Hypotension Treatment:

Things to Remember While Practicing Yoga for Hypotension

The changes and practices said below may change depending on your physic and mental condition, it is recommended to meet a yoga guru or tutor to know exactly about what has to be done in your case. Forgetting to breath properly will increase dizziness and the feelings of nausea so, practising pranayama before and after yoga practice will keep your body and breath in a good position. It is believed by many yogic gurus that Kapalbhati Pranayama using external kumbhaka and the Uddiyana Bandha will have best results. This way of praise will increase the blood and energy flow in the abdominal region.

Poses of Yoga for Hypotension

  • Start up with practicing half-sun salutations and then full sun-salutations.These poses will warm you up, raise blood pressure, heart rate, increase your energy and blood flow.
  • Standing poses can give best results but standing too long can cause blood pressure dropping and may result in dizziness. You can intermix standing sequences with prone or supine poses.
  • You can practice Child pose or Corpse pose, and remember to take breaks between all the poses. The reclining Five-Pointed Star gives a great feel, because you are resting on your back yet the energy is flowing.
  • Shoulder Stand Pose is an ultimate pose that can be practiced. This pose gives the best blood flow next to the Inversion pose (not recommended for practitioner with hypotension). This pose should be practiced initially only before a tutor.
  • Cobra pose, Upward Dog pose, Seal pose and any other belly down poses will massage the abdomen area.
  • Bridge pose is one of its kind, it can give good relief for hypotension but, avoid it if you are not feel comfortable.

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