Yoga Moon Salutation Poses

Everybody who practices yoga know about the Sun salutations, they come under advanced set of asanas performed to honor the Sun. Moon salutation poses are a sequence of asanas done in the honor of the moon and it’s special energies. Let’s see more in detail about the moon salutation poses.

Yoga Moon Salutation Poses

Similar to the sun salutations, these asanas are also inter-connected and breath (inhalation and exhalation) is very important. There are nine poses practiced on each leg, making it a total of 18 poses of moon salutation yoga.

Tadasana: Stand in straight and press the palms together at your elbow level. Your feet and thighs should be held together.
Half Moon Pose: Rise the arms over your head and keep your arms about three feet apart, like a V position. Now separate your fingers, rise your head looking to the sky (this pose should look like a five-pointed star).
Goddess Pose: Separate your legs by three feet, bend your knees and elbows to about 90º. Raise your arms and keep your fingers upwards.
Star Pose: While the legs are apart, hug the thighs to middle and lift your head. Now extend your arms and fingers to shoulder level
Triangle Pose: Turn your right toes to right, extend the torso to the right. Press hips to the left and the left heel to left.
Pyramid Pose: Lower you both hands towards the right foot and fold your upper half of the body to the right leg. Now rest your hands on the floor, and tighten your thighs
Lunge Pose: Bend your right knee and keep you both hands on the both sides of the forwarded leg. Lower your other knee, almost to the ground.
Wide Leg Squat: Bring your both hands inside to the right foot. Lower the tailbone while you pivot your right foot to bring it forward and rotate your left leg so that your toes point forward.
Squat: Bring your right leg to the center and root the feet. Lower your tailbone and depending on your flexibility put the palms together

Follow the same order of asanas from Wide Leg Squat to Tadasana, but on the other leg (left leg).

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