What is Therapeutic yoga? – Benefits

In the western countries like the United States, keeping fit and healing illness through yoga practice started in the late 20th century. But, in the eastern parts of the world, countries like India and China are using yoga practice as their primary treatment for most of the physical and mental illnesses. Therapeutic yoga is a branch of yoga which combines different segments of yoga and makes it easy for the people who are unknown to yoga.

What is Therapeutic yoga?

Therapeutic yoga is used for treatment in many hospitals, physiotherapy centers, and workshops for trauma victims. It blends gentle yoga, restorative yoga, hands-on healing, breathing and meditation techniques. Because of its flexibility, Therapeutic yoga makes an excellent choice for the people who want something gentle yet effective to reduce stress and balance the body. The sessions include guided meditation for the absorption of cosmic energy available in the universe, deep stretching according to the needs of the individuals and breathing which is also called as pranayama.

Therapeutic Yoga Benefits of Body Function

  • It can strengthen and balance the autonomic nervous system, weight, endocrine function, gastrointestinal function and sleep.
  • It improves brain’s alpha waves, respiratory efficiency, galvanic skin response (GSR), cardiovascular efficiency, endurance, and most importantly immunity.
  • It can decrease blood pressure, pulse rate, pain and EMG (muscle activity).

Therapeutic Yoga Benefits of Mental Function

  • It improves somatic and kinesthetic awareness, self-acceptance and actualization, attention, concentration, memory and learning.
  • It reduces depression, hostility and anxiety.

There are many centers around the world which teach therapeutic yoga. This yoga can be learned by any body and every body without any limitations of body, size, age and sex.

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