What is SuperBrain Yoga?

Super brain yoga is an effective and simple technique used to energize the brain. It is explained in detail in the book Superbrain Yoga, written by Master Choa Kok Sui. According to the masters, there are eleven major energy centres through out the body and they should be properly activated to get the best results. Super Brain yoga is based on the principle of subtle energy and ear acupuncture. Lots of research is still being conducted to find the exact results of this technique.

Facts of SuperBrain Yoga

  • There were many pilot studies conducted on school children, among them children with leaning disabilities, cognitive and developmental delays and down syndrome are included.
  • The results indicate an increased electrical activity in the brains after the exercise.
  • Many more studies are still being conducted to find out the exact effects of superbrain yoga.

SuperBrain Yoga Technique

  • This technique is all about activating and energizing the eleven energy centers present in your body, this results in inner peace and a balanced life.
  • This yoga internally tranforms energies from lower energy centers to the higher subtler energies, and these energies are utilized by upper energy centers.
  • Once these centers are highly energized, they start energizing the brain resulting in more functional efficiency and effectivity.
  • Superbrain yoga will also assist in balancing energies of your heart, jana, forehead, throat and crown energy centers.
  • Energies that move up from the sex energy center and basic energy center to the heart energy centers transform into inner peace.
  • When the energies reach ajna energy center and throat energy center, they get transformed into creativity and great intelligence.
  • Lower energies get transformed into subtle energy, it is utilized by our brain to enhance proper functioning.

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