Basic Restorative Yoga Poses

The reason for practicing yoga poses can differ from individual to individual. Some may do for stretching the body, some to reduce health problems, and some for muscular body. Restorative yoga is a common form of yoga that every person can practice. Let us learn basic restorative yoga poses.

Basic Restorative Yoga Poses

There are plenty of poses in restorative yoga, but three of them are basic ones which can help you to kick start the practice. You can see the benefits even after one time practice.

Simple Supported Back Bend

  • This pose will stretch your lower back. It also opens up your shoulders and chest
  • This is also an effective posture for relieving stress that is accumulated from sitting for long time
  • Many call it as Relax and Renew pose as it relaxes your body and renews your energy.

Viparita Karani

  • In this pose you keep the legs up the wall, it can be called as an easy approach for the inversion pose or gentle inversion
  • In this pose the blood rushes to your heart and head
  • People with high blood pressure can do this pose with ease
  • This pose can reduce overall stress of the body and activate all the blood cells at the same time, as a result your energy gets renewed

Supported Paschimottanasana

  • This pose is practiced while sitting on the floor, keeping your legs straight and touching your knees with your mouth
  • This pose will calm your brain, relieves stress and mild depression
  • Stretches your shoulders, spine and hamstrings
  • Stimulates the kidneys, ovaries, uterus and liver
  • It also improves digestion
  • This pose is extremely useful for people with tight hamstrings and lower back problems

Recommended Props for Restorative Yoga

  • Yoga block
  • Blankets
  • Yoga strap
  • Yoga bolster
  • Chair
  • Balls
  • Wall
  • Eye-bag
  • Sandbags

Remember all of them are not required for a single day practice.

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