How to Practice Staff Pose and Four Limbed Staff Pose?

Staff pose is a basic seated pose which strengthens your legs and improves alignment. Four-limbed staff pose is an advanced pose categorized under balancing poses, it strengthens your wrist, arms and abdomen.

How to Practice Staff Pose?


  • Begin very carefully and stay cautious if you have any chronic back problems, like the slipped discs
  • Some may feel unstable with their feet together, in such cases you may keep your feet slightly apart

Staff PoseSteps Involved

  • Sit down on the floor or on yoga mat with you legs stretched straight in front
  • Engage your thigh muscles and flex your feet
  • If you are a freshmen to yoga then, your heels may not stick to the floor. Do not worry about it
  • Make sure you keep the spine stretched long
  • Stack your shoulders exactly on top of your hips


  • It strengthens your back muscles
  • Stretches your chest and shoulders
  • It also improves posture

How to Practice Four-Limbed Staff Pose?


  • Do not practice this pose, if you have Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Never practice this pose during pregnancy

Steps Involved

  • Four-Limbed Staff pose is well practiced in continuation to the Plank pose
  • From Plank pose bend your arms straight back, and keep the upper arms hugged into your sides
  • Lower down to the floor, and stop when your upper arms and forearms come to a right angle
  • Keep your whole body at an even level and push back into your heels
  • Roll over your toes by coming into the upward facing dog pose


  • It strengthens your arms and wrists
  • Tones your abdomen

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